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Costs and Fees
Our office is committed to providing you with reasonable fees and service you can afford. First and foremost we will give you a free consultation either over the phone or in person. We will ask you all about your individual situation and then give you the lowest possible price that we can based upon your situation. We are not a “one size fits all operation”. In this fashion we are able to give you excellent value as our legal fees are customized to you. Our office checks to make sure that the fees that we charge you are the most competitive available for Southern California.

Payment Plans
Many attorneys want all their money up front or they won’t take your case. Our office has no such requirement. We will provide you with a flexible payment plan if you so desire. This plan will be based on the individual financial circumstances that you have. Essentially we will put you on any reasonable plan that you like. This affords you the opportunity to completely focus on getting on with your life, not worrying about paying off your attorney in a rush.

Credit Counseling and Debtor Education Classes
Sometime before filing the petition, the debtor will be required to attend a “credit counseling class”. The class is a short non-complicated class that is offered in person as well as over the internet. The fee is usually about $50. The debtor will receive a certificate of completion. Another class must be attended after filing the petition which is a “financial management course”. Likewise it is relatively brief, non-complicated, and costs around $50.

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