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Probably the biggest complaint by clients against attorneys is a lack of communication provided by their counsel. One of the fundamental goals of our law office is to provide you with dedicated, professional service that has been lacking in the legal profession. How do we accomplish this? For starters we like to return your phone calls promptly. Usually we are able to do so either immediately or within a few hours after you call. Another important point of pride is how we handle your case. It may or may not surprise you to know that in many law firms the actual work on your case isn’t done by an attorney at all, but rather a paralegal or other staff. At our firm we will have none of this. Only a licensed attorney will be preparing your legal documentation and handling your case. In other words, an attorney will be the one discussing the issues of your case on the phone, meeting with you about your case, and doing the actual work on your case.

At the Law Office of Charles Martin we provide bankruptcy help for you and your family. Our goal is to give you the necessary information as well as the professional work to take you through the bankruptcy process and give you the fresh start you deserve. We provide attorney assistance from start to finish. We will explain to you the effects of filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which one is right for you, and then take you down the road to recovery. Sometimes even the most dedicated individuals find themselves with insurmountable debt. This is particularly true with the high cost of living that we have in Southern California. A lost job, medical bills, mounting credit card debt, these are problems that can rapidly spiral beyond your control. Bankruptcy is a rational and responsible way to get out from under these burdens and put your life back on track.

Stopping Creditor Harassment
One of the truly negative aspects of being unable to pay your bills is the constant calls received by creditors and collection agents. Bankruptcy puts a stop to all this. Once you file your petition you immediately create what is known as the “automatic stay”. Creditors must cease communicating with you, as well as proceeding with certain legal actions such as wage garnishments and repossessions.

Wage Garnishments
One of the primary reasons for getting a bankruptcy is to put a stop to wage garnishments. Once the bankruptcy is filed the wage garnishment order will be suspended and you’ll be able to take home a full paycheck.

Keeping Your Property
One of the biggest concerns that debtors have is that they will be able to keep their property. Fortunately, bankruptcy is designed not to take away everything you own but to get you back on your feet and give you a fresh start. With that in mind, bankruptcy provides you, the debtor, with certain “exemptions”. Exempt property is property that you can keep during and after bankruptcy. For example, you can keep such things as jewelry, furniture, clothes, etc., up to a certain value. Most debtors will find that with proper legal counsel they will be able to keep all their assets.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Information
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Information

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